Peace with Food & Soul – Learn Everything You Need to Improve Digestion & Discover Your Healthiest Weight


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Dear Women of Cheyenne,

Do you struggle with finding a way to find a deep, happy and healthy connection with your body and food?

Are you sick and tired of going on diet after diet, just to end up feeling worn down and depleted?

Tried all the options, doing everything “right” but cannot reach your optimal shape or health goals?


I have been there too, and years of my struggle, research, and solutions can become your gain. For years I struggled with weight and my digestion without answers or doctors who would listen. I felt like a total failure as a dietitian, because if I couldn’t figure out myself, how could I help my clients? My traditional training didn’t have the answers and I tried endless diets to include calorie counting and never made progress with my health.


Through years of struggle and research, I stumbled upon a system and new-found knowledge that literally changed everything for me. I lost 25# with ease and healed my digestive system without taking any pills. I’ve been able to maintain my weight without counting calories, feeling guilty, or exercising like a maniac. I love the way I feel about my body and food is no longer the center of my universe. I can go out to eat with friends, enjoy holiday meals, and cook my own meals without worrying about how it will impact my body. I trust my body completely and know exactly WHAT to eat because I finally know HOW to eat. 


I’ve been able to help my clients do the same through my life-changing method, PEACE WITH FOOD & SOUL.


In order to make this information more accessible to my clients and the community,  I have designed an 8-week program aimed at teaching you the proven steps to finally make peace with your relationship with food and body while helping you transform your health.


But don’t take my word for it. Here what two of the course attendees had to say…

“I’ve been struggling with caring about cooking or even eating for that matter. Trips to the grocery store were horrible and everything around cooking and food felt like it was such a chore. After working with Beth (during the course), I started finding more joy in food choices, shopping and even became a little more excited about being present with my food and my meals. I no longer feel the dread of the grocery and we are naturally eating healthier tastier food. I am so grateful for how easy it is to work with Beth and how supportive and understanding she is.” ~Joanne

“I was amazed by the unbelievable changes in my digestion after using some of the tools that Beth discussed from the Slow Down Diet and Mindful Eating course. Before using the techniques, eating a bowl of chili would have made me feel so miserable. By learning the right way of looking at food and how I should consume it, I can eat chili and not feel the painful bloating and overfull feeling! I also learned that not having will power is not the reason we overeat and if we listen to our bodies, we can solve so many of our problems with food. If you are curious about what the Slow Down Diet is all about like I was, take this course, you won’t regret it!” ~Amy


Are you excited to join us?

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What do I get?

We will meet once per week for 8 weeks to deepen our relationship with food and body using several tools picked up along Beth’s 13-year journey as a dietitian, including her own personal story about how this method changed her health and helped her lose 25# effortlessly. You’ll receive weekly support from a group of women just like you, the expertise and guidance of a Registered Dietitian, a 30-page workbook, a book called The Slow Down Diet, and access to a secret FB support group just for attendees of this program.

What you should expect after attending this program:

  • Energy to be present with your family
  • Clarity of mind around food
  • Deeper and more restful sleep and revived digestion
  • Empowerment, not punishment, by food
  • A deeper understanding of the science behind mindful approaches to eating
  • Connection to a community of women who struggle with the same things you do
  • Ongoing support and accountability by our Healthy By Design RD community

We will have two meeting locations and times for this workshop:

  • In The Moment Wellness Studio sponsored by Healthy Lifestyle Medicine starting Wednesday, January 22nd at 6:30 pm running through Wednesday, March 11th.
  • Smart Sports Medicine and Gym starting Friday, January 24th at 12 pm running through Friday, March 13th.


*Seating is very limited. Pay in advance to reserve your spot and secure the best price!

Click here to register for Wednesday’s @ 6:30 pm starting on January 22nd

Click here to register for Friday’s @ 12:00 pm starting on January 24nd


If you enroll by 1/17, you’ll also have access to TWO BONUS masterclasses by leaders and women in the Cheyenne community.


Jo Underwood 

Topic: 5 Principles of Personal Power: Learn how to go from overwhelmed to overjoyed

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the demands of daily life? Do you find yourself struggling with things like over-eating, insomnia, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, headache or indigestion?  These are just a few of the symptoms that can be related to stress. Most women say they would have more willpower to change their lives if they had more energy.  What if you could get more energy without a lot of extra time or effort? Our culture has set some unrealistic expectations for women and self-care is often seen as selfish, narcissistic or indulgent so we suck it up, power through and keep going. Maybe it’s time we look at self-care as an investment in our future. In this class, I will teach you some simple tools to help recover your energy, shift your mindset and change your lack of willpower to I am power.

Bio: Jo believes every one of us has the ability to awaken the healing power within ourselves. She is an Integrative Life Coach, Reiki Master, a Certified HeartMath Trainer and co-owner of Mighty Ducts, LLC in Cheyenne where she lives with her husband and a very spoiled dog. The demands of career, a busy family and a diabetic child created a lot of challenges for Jo’s health and well-being so she decided to search for holistic ways to manage stress.  Her 10-year quest was so successful that she decided to share her knowledge, training, and experience with others. She now works with women who are looking for alternative ways to balance stress and transform their lives.

Jessica Schwarz

Topic: Chinese Medicine: A New Perspective on Emotions and Food

Bio: Jessica first received acupuncture in 1994 while living in San Francisco, and loved it.  At the time, she didn’t think of acupuncture as a career.  However, after working in education, home health care, and public health, she decided to become an acupuncturist because it would allow her to work one-on-one with people to improve their health and the only “side effects” from treatment are better sleep and more energy.  Jessica received her Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2004 from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.  She still loves acupuncture because it is gentle, effective and creates balance and healing in the whole body.


Want to learn more? Reach out to Beth for a FREE 30-minute session to ask your questions and see if you are a good fit for the program.

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In addition, feel free to watch the replay of the webinar Beth held on 1/7/20, 8 Surefire Strategies for Reaching Your Health and Weight Loss Goals in 2020. 


Hear what others have to say…

“The Mindful Eating course with Beth is packed with vital and detailed information that truly changes your perspective on the food you put into your body, and how your body reacts to that food based on the way you think about it. You begin to slow down and think about what is nourishing versus what isn’t. It changes your palette. Fast food and junk won’t taste as good as you once thought it did. You won’t feel obligated to finish your plate at a restaurant or to get seconds (or thirds) at holiday gatherings. This course really challenged me to become mentally aware of the entire process – from farm to digestion and everything in between. The more of a positive relationship you have with food, the more of a positive relationship you will have with the environment and yourself. It’s very humbling. Slow down. Breathe. Think. Savor. We have total control.” ~Taylar

The Mindful Eating class led by Beth was so insightful!! There were so many pieces of the Slow Down Diet book that really resonated with me and helped me pin down some things I can easily change about the way I eat and the way I look at food in general. I’m working on not feeling trapped by the decisions of what I’m going to eat anymore… I feel empowered about the choices I can make on a daily basis and am enjoying this new road of my food journey! ~Rachel